From the Desk of Chairman

Dear Students,
The four most basic necessities of man are food, clothing, shelter and education that convert man into human being. Education is a powerful tool through which we can combat cut throat competition that we are constantly facing. With India emerging as a soon to be super power, the importance of education is ever rising. As responsible educationists we understand our role in nation building. We realize that in our Colleges and Universities, we are working with the future of India, an India which will be taken to greater heights by our students. It therefore becomes important that we do not falter in our role as educational catalysts.
Quality has always been our focal point; be it quality of infrastructure, quality of facilities provided, quality of teachers of the quality of the curriculum itself. Our quest and journey to provide the very best to our students propels us to constantly updated and innovate ourselves.

Our emphasis in the coming year will be on research and development that has become the core factor for growth across the world to ensure our missions that think globally acts locally.

We wish to nurture the talent of our students by providing them with facilities that include the best teaching staff, world class equipment and most of all a stern but friendly guiding hand for them to carve our their future. We look forward to a future where each one of our student is able to meet challenges that would never seem too big achieve.

It will be our sincere Endeavour to provide suitable environment-with transparency, impartiality and fairness-to all teaching and non-teaching personnel as well as the students of the group so that all will work in responsible and coordinated manner with their full potential to make it possible to fulfill all challenges. I am sure that, working as a team, we would be able to take the group to the pinnacle of its glory.

I extend my warm welcome to all students.

Directors Message

The economic strength of a society depends on the educational infrastructure, in general, and the echelon of excellence of technical education, in particular. The advanced technical and professional education is indubitably a key component of the emerging knowledge economy for the growth of a society.

Technological progress is very closely linked with the availability and practical utilization of intellectual human capital. Knowledge is basically acquired through proper deduction, training, research and development in relevant fields. Academic institutions of higher learning thus have an important role to play contributing to the growth and development of the nation. The old educational ethos and philosophies can hardly withstand the pressures of dynamic and complex modern life.

Smt. Ramdulari College of Technology & Management, established in 2009, ensures a liberated, motivating, ingenious, innovation and high-caliber educational environment so as to nurture successful captains of our society. CBS College of Engineering & Management is also the best college for engineering and management in Agra and nearby areas. We offer large number of professional programs in the fields of engineering & technology. An ‘Oasis’ created in Agra, ensures conducive learning environment where overall developments of students is facilitated to the full through innovative teaching and training methods.


From Principal Desk

Smt. Ramdulari College of Technology & Management has evolved as a symbol of quality education to nurture the talent and aspiration of the dynamic, vibrant and bright youth of our country. In the wake of the crisis in the industry, it is important to be a sleep ahead, a step faster and surer. The students are trained to equip themselves to take on the world and carve out a niche in tomorrow’s world, so that they are assured of not only promising career opportunities but are well equipped to face the challenges of life as well.

Thus Smt. Ramdulari College of Technology & Management aimed in goals and objective using available resources effectively. Our aim is to provide high class engineering and management education and we are committed to do it.

Thus, the aim of future engineering and management education should be the integration of knowledge, skills, and understanding for providing creative and very professional youth who can serve our nation very well. The Smt. Ramdulari College of Technology & Management is working for technical education, faculty training and for curriculum developments. We are sure that Smt. Ramdulari College of Technology & Management will be at national level for quality technical education collaborating with industries in near future to fulfill the dreams of youth within affordable expenditure.